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                                             Satellite Antenna Mounts

 The recent introduction of the Winegard GM-1518 and the Dish Tailgater automatic  portable antennas have provided simple and economical products to receive satellite  signals when at tailgating events or RV boondocking.

The most recent addition to the marketplace is the Winegard Anser Antenna, which Winegard describes as a hybrid automatic antenna.  We recently field tested the Anser antenna at Quartzsite, Arizona. See our Facebook site for results.

These units are all compatible with the DISH 211K receiver. 

The Tailgater is capable of receiving HD signals from Dish Network. You can also pickup local programming signals for CBS / NBC /ABC / PBS by contacting DISH and giving them your current address when traveling.

The Winegard antennas work with both Dish and Direct TV services. They are also compatible with many different receivers.

Winegard argues that the Tailgater is a one trick pony. You can only use it with the Dish Network and it is only compatible with Dish 211 and 411 receivers. 

If you already have satellite service with Direct TV, have your own receiver that you can move to your RV, or have two TVs in your RV,  the Winegard antennas might be a better choice for you.

DISH Network now offers a service for RV owners where you can pay for the service a month at time when traveling without committing to a long-term contract.

We  have tested all three units units in the field to ensure compatability with our mount systems.

It is our considered  opinion that the Dish Tailgater is much easier to set up when relocating frequently on the road. The Tailgater has less checks that it goes through in the setup process. 

​Many RV campsites are designed with trees for shade and can block the signal to your mast antenna mount. The mast and tripod mounts we are producing can be used as a system to ensure your signal is not blocked by trees, etc. The satellite antenna can be easily moved from the mast mount to the tripod.

Our satellite antenna mounts are machined and assembled in the USA from lightweight aircraft aluminum alloys and utilize stainless steel fasteners. We use 2" snap tubes for rapid deployment. These products will last your lifetime and are the best available in the marketplace. 

Our product line of satellite antenna mounts were one year in the development and testing stage. Design is protected by existing patents and pending patent. They were developed in partnership with Penninger Radio, a well know manufacturer and supplier to the HAM Radio industry.

​Note: Our ladder and mast mounts are not intended nor designed for permanent mounting of your satellite antenna. The mounts are intended for deployment of your antenna at destination.

*Note: Dish Tailgater design change effective 8/1/2012 removed the rubber feet used to secure the Tailgater to our mount systems.  Our mount systems for this design change have been modified to accept the new plastic feet on the Tailgater.  See mounting instructions for the new Tailgater design at the following link. 

8/12/2013 - Be advised that King Controls maintains that opening the case of the Tailgater to install our kit voids their 1 year limited warranty.  If customers desire to use our mount system then they should first ensure that their Tailgater is working properly before installing the modification kit for out mounts.   King Controls would not indicate to us why they changed from their original rubber foot design to the plastic feet that does not allow it to be mounted.  See link at:

8/19/13  -  Ladders greater than 1" diameter may require that the ladder mounts be adapted by using conduit pipe adapters available at Home Depot type stores. Lance and Northstar campers are know to use the larger diameter ladders.

See link at:

PN 1000 - Tailgater Event Satellite Antenna Mount    $380

This mount was developed for Tailgating Parties which often 
are located in crowded stadium parking lots in close proximity to 
other RVs and vehicles that can block the signal from a portable 
antenna on the ground. The mount is over 8' in height and breaks 
down into two 4' sections. It is quickly assembled with snap tube
construction. The antenna mounting plate is common to both
Tailgater and Winegard portable antennas.

PN 1001 - Tripod Mount           $260          

The Tripod Mount provides rapid deployment and a secure mount for your satellite antenna. Footpads include holes for stakes. The unit folds to a small profile and weighs 12 lbs.

Includes an adapter plate that allows the satellite antenna to be easily relocated to the optional ladder mount or mast.

Note: Effective 10/12/14 our tripod mount now ships with a 4' mast instead of a 31" mast. The additional length is a benefit at tailgating events and when using the mast as a ladder mount.

PN 1002 - Satellite Antenna Combination Ladder / Tripod Mount  $325

Dual purpose mount assembly. Includes PN 1001 - Tripod, along with the ladder mount hardware for mounting to your RV ladder. The 31" mast of the tripod is used for the ladder mount.

Provides you with both tripod and ladder mount options, greatly improving your ability to acquire a clear satellite signal.

An optional extension tube of 4 ft with a joiner adapter can be attached to the 31" mast from the tripod and be used on the ladder mount without having to climb the ladder.

PN 1004- Satellite Antenna Mount for RV Ladder  $285

Secure mount for RV ladder. Includes an 8 ft mast composed of two 4" sections that quickly snap together at destination. Ladder 
mounts and mounting plate included.

Customers who wish to avoid climbing their RV ladder like this model.

Optional tripod provides flexibility to relocate antenna.

PN 1005 - 4 Ft Extention Tube With Joiner  $120

This  4 ft snap tube with adapter is an option for those that may already have our tripod mount. Users can join the 31" mast from the tripod with this 4 ft extention t0 enable the user to hoist the antenna without climbing the RV  ladder at destination.

PN 1003 - Satellite Antenna 2" Receiver Mast Mount For RV or Pickup     $395

Receiver mount can be attached to 2" receiver on back of a Casita, Truck, SUV, RV or trailer tongue. A 4' mast tube is included. Snap Tube assembly provides easy setup.

Optional tripod provides flexibility to relocate antenna.

PN 1006 - 4 Ft  Tube With  Flagpole 
Mounts and Mounting Plate   $220

This  2" diameter 4 ft snap tube comes with satellite mounting adapter plate and  fitting along with  RV flag pole mounts.
A Stainless steel hardware kit  is provided in the event your 
Tailgater is a newer model with plastic feet.