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Dish Tailgater Satellite Antenna System

This is a complete system that includes all the hardware you need to receive satellite TV programming for your RV or Tailgating outings.

The package includes:
-Dish Tailgater Antenna
-Dish VIP211K HD Receiver
-ModYourRV Designed Tripod

This system will set up easily for you and allow you options to position the antenna for a clear signal. The tripod mount includes a quick release antenna base that can be used on an optional ladder mount or  mast mount.

The only additional step required after purchasing this 
system is to call Dish and select your programming package.

Dish offers the pay as you go plan for RVers so your only pay for programming for the months that you travel.

We were recently  added as a dealer for the King Controls line of antennas. King Controls manufactures the Dish Tailgater antenna. 

Of the three different portable automatic/semiautomatic antennas we have extensively tested the last two years, we can say without reservation that the Tailgater is by far the easiest antenna to set up that we have tested. 

The receiver and antenna are optimized to easily find multiple satellites you need for all your programming.

Setup of the antenna is easy. Point the antenna to the South, select the state you are in on the TV screen and the receiver automatically finds available satellites and begins to download your program schedules. You are usually watching TV within 15 minutes.

If you already subscribe to Dish home programming, you can add the mobile service for only $7 per month.

The 211K receiver also allows for hookup to a hard drive to use as a DVR for a one time fee of $40.

Our tripod mount is constructed from aerospace aluminum alloy material with stainless steel fasteners. It collapses to a very small profile. There is not a better tripod on the market for the Tailgater antenna.